Meet the Founding Members

We're a collective of licensed colorists who came together because we believe that everyone deserves professional haircolor expertise & individual attention, even if they can't get to the salon.

Color&Co Licensed Hair Colorist Deb


Licensed Colorist

Technical Expert & Educator for leading Salon Brands
Founding Member
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The Collective Promise

All of our colorists have specialized training to help you cocreate color you'll love.

  • Inspire

    We encourage you to think outside the box with colorful ideas.

  • Engage

    We perform a thorough consultation to diagnose your hair needs and prescribe your personalized color.

  • Empower

    We empower you with professional expertise and the right tools so you can color with confidence.

Expert Guidance
Every Step
of the Way

We know that applying at-home color can be difficult. We want to make it as easy and professional as possible. Look for the pro tip symbol to discover exclusive advice from us.